Kairat2019-10-01 15:03:21
Kairat, 2019-10-01 15:03:21

Apache Camel routing with single output queue?

Good afternoon!
Please tell me about Apache Camel routing. Previously, there was no experience with Apache Camel. I have an integration task, i.e. the system should only send a message to the queue (in a word, there is only an outgoing queue, I do not expect input data). How is this correctly described in the DSL?
Some bean (for example, SourceMsgBeanGenerator) must form a message and send it to the outgoing queue.
Thanks in advance!

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bestie, 2019-10-01

I have only scratched the surface of Apache Camel and as far as the documentation and StackOverflow can tell
- https://github.com/apache/camel/blob/master/compon...
- https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37921926/apach ...
it's not that easy to do it.
Perhaps Apache Camel is not needed there, but rather simply using, for example, the same ActiveMQ (if you have JMS there), write a message to the queue?

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