missisli2015-01-31 19:39:13
missisli, 2015-01-31 19:39:13

Apache and Nginx?

What is the difference? Is it one and the same? Can Nginx fully work without Apache? How many Googled and did not understand. Thank you.

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p4s8x, 2015-01-31

What is your task?
What kind of iron?
What is the load?

Sergey Petrikov, 2015-01-31

Apache is a clumsy combine with a bunch of different modules, it can do everything, but in some places it is slow and eats a lot of resources, nginx is a fast web proxy, it can only work with static itself, but it does it very quickly, when adding different pieces it can replace apache in 99% of the projects are completely, if you are not sure, then it is better to use nginx as a frontend, apache - as a backend, get the strengths of the solutions, without the torment of finishing engines for nginx.

Nazar Mokrinsky, 2015-02-01

Nginx in most situations came to replace Apache, as it consumes less memory and does less work, but it does it more efficiently, which is especially true on a weak server, or under heavy load, a large number of connections (the same WebSockets).
For example, with PHP. There is a module for Apache2, and Nginx simply redirects requests to scripts to PHP-FPM, which is completely separate and has nothing to do with Nginx directly.
Since you have Django, Nginx will give statics, and requests to scripts, depending on the configuration on uwsgi or somewhere else, can be configured in different ways.
It makes sense to install Nginx as a frontend for Apache2 only as a transitional process, the fewer layers - the fewer points of failure and the higher the speed of work.

Stanislav B, 2017-08-30

I would recommend Ubuntu, in my experience, it was the least hassle with the initial setup.
+ almost any problems are easily googled.

Nikita Dergachov, 2017-08-30

The easiest way is to switch to linux mint

Ivan Bogachev, 2017-08-30

I liked the look of elementary os

Well, take Elementary OS. It's a really nice and fairly stable system, and under the hood is the same Ubuntu, so any question will be easy to google, as everyone here says.

AVKor, 2017-08-30


CityCat4, 2017-08-30

the information there is already outdated, since the questions are 2-6 years old.

And what could be out of date? A description of how distribution A differs from distribution B? Nothing has changed - the distributions have what differences they have. Description of which program to use instead of program A under Windows? Almost did not change, because there were no major players. Description of whether Program B works under Vine? Yes, nothing has practically changed - Vine, despite the supposedly high-speed development, is still not able to launch something more complicated than winbox (Mikrotik configurator).
Take the distribution for which there is someone to ask.

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