Vladislav2017-08-17 09:56:41
Vladislav, 2017-08-17 09:56:41

Apache 2 (Windows). PHP 7.2.0 Beta3. Extensions don't work. Why?

Hello. Such a problem:
Apache 2 is installed, attached to a domain. Everything works except extensions.
In php.ini included extensions mysqli, curl and mbstring.
When you run php.exe and output extensions - they are.
But they do not work on the site (that is, the matter is in Apache). Tried stable release 7.1.8 but same problem.
I couldn't find any solution on the internet, maybe someone here knows the answer? When listing extensions, only those compiled in php7ts are displayed. Last in the list is the apache2handler extension.

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Vladislav, 2017-08-18
Shynkaruk @lonadelsi

The problem turned out to be that the line with PHPIniDir disappeared, where Apache specifies the path to php.ini.

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