sott2015-09-19 16:18:38
sott, 2015-09-19 16:18:38

Anything easier than javascript.ru?

I want to learn JS, many recommend javascript.ru. I got to the section on closures and scope and realized that I did not understand anything. I can't complete tasks.
Therefore, I am looking for material for learning JS, but easier than the above resource. JS is needed in order to draw interfaces as a hardcore encoder, there is no task.
I have neither a programmer nor a mathematical education, so I need material without references to other programming languages.

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Deodatuss, 2015-09-19

Hello, I'm a function. You can not only announce me, you can also transfer or return me, like this for example:

function blabla(){
   return function(){
       ...делаются веселости

and now you can do this:
var veselosti = blabla();- that is, I said: hey, the function blabla anu ka has completed! And she's like, OK, and returned another function.
And that's all, now you can make fun like this:
**began fun**
But the function that makes fun is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. SHE IS HIS GREAT MOTHER. She remembers everything that surrounded her at the moment when the blabla function gave birth to her. And if the blabla function looked like this:
function blabla(){
   var gosTaina ="тсс, не говори никому";
   return function(){
       ...делаются веселости

She will remember everything. REMEMBER FOREVER! And now she can do whatever she wants with it!!! For example:
function blabla(){
   var gosTaina ="тсс, не говори никому";
   return function(){
       gosTaina + = "!";

And now you can do this:
var veselosti = blabla(); 
veselosti(); //выведет "тсс, не говори никому!"
veselosti(); //выведет "тсс, не говори никому!!"
veselosti(); //выведет "тсс, не говори никому!!!"
veselosti(); //выведет "тсс, не говори никому!!!!"

and if we do like this:
then when you call it will already be
For remembers only at the time of birth. Oh how.

Ohhwee, 2015-09-19

If you know English, you can try out video courses, ala:
But this, of course, is not a panacea.

Elizaveta Borisova, 2015-09-19

For interfaces, maybe jquery will suffice? Javascript.ru is still designed for programming.

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