vtk2013-09-18 18:23:30
vtk, 2013-09-18 18:23:30

Anyone willing to slowly learn Erlang?

After the tanks, I dream of making a WarCraft 2 clone on Canvas with an Erlang server, but somehow it doesn’t work out to finish the job, and even to the middle. Either the mind is not enough, or the responsibility. Experimented with the WebSocket server at ChicagoBoss, tried to make a card "engine" on ets tables. Smoothing the movement of units to deal with network delays has not been mastered. I think there is not enough opportunity to discuss with someone the thread of certain decisions. Judging by the experience of the tankers, I can devote 3-5 hours a week to this, that is, very slowly.
Is there anyone who wants to tinker with Erlang in the direction of the RTS server?

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MrFrizzy, 2013-09-19

Maybe it’s worth developing somewhere in an accessible form, on the same github? look, everyone interested will catch up ...

jj_killer, 2013-09-18

I'm currently actively studying Elixir, but I have to constantly read texts about erlang. So I would like to. It seems to me that it makes sense for you to look at this old whitepaper .

m08pvv, 2013-09-18

If it’s something slowly, then I have a started book on Erlang lying around and still lack the laziness of motivation to finish reading it.
And so (from close to Erlang) there is a basic knowledge of Haskell and Prolog.
It is probably more interesting to study on a real task, but I don’t think that an RTS server is a good first real task.

Vladimir Korshunov, 2013-09-19

In general, there is a desire to study Erlang in more detail, but there is also not much time. You can cooperate.

dbihbka, 2013-11-13

If only 3-5 hours a week, then I am ready to participate in the project. I've read the book LearnYouSomeErlangForGreatGood and have done some web projects using Cowboy, so I have an idea about Erlang.

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