dikkini2012-09-08 23:04:47
Mobile development
dikkini, 2012-09-08 23:04:47

Anyone doing Windows Phone development on a MacBook Pro?

Actually a subject.
Tell the experience.
And I'm not interested in dual block, but in a virtual machine.

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Andrey K, 2012-09-11

VMWare Fusion 5 + Win 8 - normal flight. I gave the virtual machine 4 GB of RAM out of 8.
MacBook Pro 13 '.

izharskiy, 2012-09-13

a macbook is exactly the same computer as any other, only 2 times more expensive,
so take a MacBook with two screws and put Windows on one of the screws.
You can use DualBoot, or you can use VirtualBox

mejedi, 2012-09-09

I use a Windows virtual machine for development that I run on a mac. True development is not for windows phone and poppy is not a MacBook Pro.

Sergei Borisov, 2012-09-10

I developed a little under Windows Phone 7 under a virtual machine. But as a host, not a poppy, but linux. After I gave the seven on the virtual machine 6GB of RAM and 4 cores, the virtual machine worked pretty well (virtualbox), but you can only run Silverlight applications on the simulator (which I needed), but you can’t run XNA - it says there are not enough video card capabilities. It didn’t come to connecting a real device and debugging on it - the project was transferred to another developer who uses WIndows as the main machine.

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