Artyom Nikiforov2019-09-17 16:20:41
Artyom Nikiforov, 2019-09-17 16:20:41

Any thoughts on how to parse the schedule for an even and an odd week?

There is an html-page with a schedule
. Do you have any idea how to parse the schedule for an even and an odd week from it in a format convenient for subsequent work? You need something like a dictionary or a well-structured json object.
I tried to work with Pandas and further translate the resulting DataFrame into json, but, unfortunately, I can’t take the schedule separately for each week.
I would like to see code examples, if not difficult.

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bbkmzzzz, 2019-09-17

Elements belong to three classes
sch_two - 2nd week
sch_one - 1st week
sch_all - all
For example:
second week:
"sch_para sch_two"

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