Nikita2018-06-18 07:21:50
Nikita, 2018-06-18 07:21:50

Any problems with Zalman VE300 on Macbook pro 2015/high sierra?

There is an external case Zalman VE300 (usb3.0). When connected to a Macbook Pro 2015 (high sierra), it starts up every other time. Those. the indicator is on, the logo on the display of the case lights up, but the start does not go further.
Works great on Windows machines, tested on two stationary PCs and one laptop, everything starts up perfectly, regardless of the port (I even stuck it into the panel with usb2.0) and regardless of the wire. I checked 4 wires, native from the kit, bought on Ali, from WD My Passport, a separate non-name bought in the store. All the same, you need to put it in usb ten times to make it work. If it works, then there are no problems, everything works fine.
On a Mac Mini 14 years old, there are also no problems, it immediately starts and is determined.
There is an option that the firmware of the case is driving and it is necessary to upgrade it, until it is possible. And that the macbook has some kind of strange voltage applied to the port, although wd my passport 3.0 also starts up easily without problems.

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H, 2018-06-18

MacBook2015 + the same pocket - and the flight is normal ... well, as normal, something apparently changed in the operation of the chips on the board in 2012, because after connecting some USB devices with different consumption (mouse / keyboard / flash drive / screw ) it often happens that after rebooting the computer, USB ports do not recognize anything at all. After a reboot + PRAM reset / SMC reset, they start to recognize again. It happens with some frequency, it does not affect the operation of the laptop.
I would conclude that this is such a clinical picture in modern poppies.

ErgoZru, 2018-08-16

same problem. there is a macbook pro 15 "(Late 2013), the blue light also lights up and hangs on the logo. If you play with the wire, the pocket starts in usb 2.0 mode and then it is visible to the laptop. But it turns out to do this 1 out of 50 times. Reset pram and sms does not help from the word at all :( and on the ai poppy of 2011 everything is ok and works without problems right away (the pocket works there in usb 2.0 mode). I already xs what to do ((((

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