SagePtr2018-01-06 05:47:39
SagePtr, 2018-01-06 05:47:39

Any examples of a Meltdown or Specter attack through the browser?

Google gives out so far only theoretical examples of attack possibilities, and also a screenshot with a dump of mozilla passwords flashed on someone's twitter. But is there some kind of Proof-of-concept so that you can run it in your browser and check if the contents of some memory area were calculated or not?

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poisons, 2018-01-06

Pray to the gods that it would not come to the implementation of a specific and accessible to everyone, the Internet will change dramatically.

Psq, 2018-01-06

Specter in JavaScript is (allows you to receive data from the browser), but not in the public domain.

pivasicq, 2019-05-11

Chinese checker for Specter on js

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