Mopson002019-09-02 22:50:53
Mopson00, 2019-09-02 22:50:53

Any advice on creating 3D games with Unity for Android?

Good afternoon. I understand that there may have been many such questions, but still. I finished studying the basics of c #, I would like to start learning Unity for Android development, and 3D games. There is info on the Internet, but I would like to hear your opinion. material for training, so that there is no water? Please advise any courses or literature. Thank you for your help.

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dpws, 2019-09-02

If you are familiar with C#, then start with the Unity Tutorials

Mopson00, 2019-09-02

dpws I also considered this option, but there all the information is in English, I'm studying English at the moment, but still, I won't understand everything that has been said.

CHIDWI, 2019-09-05

1. https://catlikecoding.com learn English.
2. The Unity book in action.
3. Book Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity
4. Unity tutorials.
Tip... don't use the default shader for mobile apps. And learn English. Try copying a simple mobile game.
No need to immediately do AAA projects.
Better yet, use the search, there are a million such questions.

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