cegthgtlhj2019-10-16 00:56:51
cegthgtlhj, 2019-10-16 00:56:51

anticaptcha.com. How to organize a request in python?

There was a problem with parsing a site that has Google Recaptcha.
Registered on the service https://anti-captcha.com/mainpage , solved a one-time problem through their DASHBOARD online form - received g-recaptcha-response , inserted the code into my python, everything worked.
And in the background (from the program) I did not manage to receive recaptcha.
They only have examples in php, C, Java, NodeJS. There is no python example.
I installed the python3-anticaptcha library , downloaded the example , set my parameters. When you run the example, it falls asleep and after 2-3 minutes gives this answer

{'errorId': 12, 'errorCode': 'ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE', 'errorDescription': 'Captcha could not be solved by 5 different workers', 'taskId': 291177887}

If you have experience with requesting in python, please share the request code.
Thanks to

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kentavr009, 2019-10-17

Why Anticaptcha? Have you tried the handcap?

drang, 2019-10-22

1. What site are you parsing? A link to the page or credits is necessary.
2. Sometimes this can happen with anti-captcha / hand-captcha, but on condition that you have transmitted the correct data.
3. The turnip readme contains a link to the chat in the cart, you can ask a question there.

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