Igor Pavlenko2016-04-22 14:37:33
Igor Pavlenko, 2016-04-22 14:37:33

Anti-aliasing svg?

There is a logo (from illustrator) when its size is reduced, the logo loses a lot in quality. I know it has something to do with inaccurate viewbox values, but is there any way to avoid this?

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GreatRash, 2016-04-22

UPD: It's also possible (even more likely) that the logo designer doesn't understand shit on the web (as is usually the case), and therefore does not realize that it is necessary to actually try to align the shapes on the pixel grid. Didn't hit the pixel - get a crooked result.

Mikhail, 2016-04-22
Chirskiy @chirskiy_mixail

You would lay out an example though, and then asked to help.

vvvadimos, 2016-04-22

yes, you need to work with the pixel grid, but + to everything, svg will display normally everywhere only if you change its size to a multiple of the count. times
i.e. there was an icon of 100 pixels, reduce to 50, not 70 80 or 85
then 100% everywhere everything will be ok

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