Oleg Aksenov2019-04-12 13:21:13
Oleg Aksenov, 2019-04-12 13:21:13

Ansible + storage of binary versions, what tools are there?

Good afternoon, colleagues,
I use Oracle Weblogic Server 12c, where I deploy applications, the number of weblogic services is decent and ansible was configured to simplify their maintenance, and to all this there are just assemblies of binary files in decent volumes that need to be updated and diagnosed, and now to the question itself.
Applications in *. ear or the binaries that I need to deploy are very often supplied by developers and it was interesting to know if there is a version control of binary files, some convenient software that I could tie to ansible for example.
Now it all looks like a tree of directories, with dates and versions.
Thanks in advance for your replies

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alfss, 2019-04-14

Versioning with a binary is conveniently done through:

  • rpm
  • deb
  • docker

Boris, 2019-06-05

To store binaries, you can use Nexus or Atrifactory
Well, or GIT LFS

TyzhSysAdmin, 2019-04-12

What exactly does not suit you with ftp, or amazon s3 (and the like)?
And to use for this, GIT or something else, well, such an undertaking, unless, you are sure that you will keep it all until the end of time.

Puma Thailand, 2019-04-12

In fact, you need to transfer these assemblies to ci cd
. It is most convenient to store them in some kind of s3

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