Mika Slepinin2016-11-15 13:04:48
Mika Slepinin, 2016-11-15 13:04:48

Ansible - how to copy an entire directory?

Does not work:

- name: Копирую директорию
  copy: src=/tmp/tomcat/ dest=/tmp/tomcat2/ recursive=yes

- name: Копирую директорию
  synchronize: src=/tmp/tomcat/ dest=/tmp/tomcat2/ recursive=yes

recursive=yes removed and added, as well as remote_src=yes
There is a tomcat2 directory.

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Dmitry, 2016-11-15

What exactly doesn't work? Apparently there is an error? Then show the output of the command (as an option with the -vvv key)
And since this is play, then add the parameters of the play itself, and not just one task.

silverjoe, 2016-11-15

Remove the slash at the end of the source folder path

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