Leshiy Urban2021-10-11 14:38:00
Leshiy Urban, 2021-10-11 14:38:00

Ansible analogue without yaml?

Tired of writing footcloths yaml c loop, when, etc. It turns out that I am writing code in yaml, which technically should be just a type for configuration.

What is the alternative to Ansible?

  • agentless, or agent over SSH
  • the infrastructure is described by the code in a full-fledged language (which one is not so important, but preferably not DSL)
  • large standard library so as not to reinvent the wheel
  • open source, free (PRO features for money - OK)

The closest alternative that I have used for a long time is Fabric , but there is just a lot to write yourself.

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unseriously, 2021-10-11

Ansible did not try to use roles?

Alexander Karabanov, 2021-10-11

Puppet, but still recommend Ansible...

Puma Thailand, 2021-10-12

Yes, there is no alternative, but5 this sat tightly on pappet, everything became much easier with ansible Calculate the
best practice, variables, etc., in the last year I did a big refactoring of my playbooks on them and got rid of most of the things that I didn’t like, something of course left but not much

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