avstepanov2013-02-27 08:50:40
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avstepanov, 2013-02-27 08:50:40

Another "smart" house - communications

Do you need another article on this topic?

Naturally, this is a personal experience (brand new "bike").
Moreover, that “bicycle” replaced another, created earlier, which rode, but very “with a creak”, in contrast to the newly created one.

I plan to tell about the wireless communication system (nrf24l01) between the modules.

I won’t go down to the code at all, but I will note some features:

  • Types and roles of wireless modules
  • Transfer data structure
  • Features of interaction, etc.

Here, by the way, it would be interesting to listen to criticism - since you want to improve the already working system.

I’m not going to talk about hardware in the article in particular detail, but I’ll show the key modules (“regular” sensor, LAN, GSM).

And even more briefly - about the data display system.

It will be interesting?

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avstepanov, 2013-03-06


Vadim, 2013-02-27

Of course it's interesting!

Sicness, 2013-02-27

Naturally interesting.
At the same time, I personally need a working code for nrf24l01, so it would be great if the article at least gave links to the code, since I think it will be interesting not only for me.

eschava, 2013-02-27

But it is also interesting how to connect such a self-written system to ready-made solutions (for example, so as not to develop web and mobile clients)

svavan, 2013-02-27

About experience with wireless modules will definitely be interesting.

Dmitry Simba, 2013-03-02

I looked briefly at the forum - they write about problems with the communication range of these modules forum.easyelectronics.ru/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9677 Did
the same happen?

connected201, 2014-02-11

Of course, do it, publish it on Habré!

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