Sergey Vortoms2019-12-01 15:04:49
Sergey Vortoms, 2019-12-01 15:04:49

Another question about choosing a Macbook Pro 13 2019. 16gb ram vs 256gb ssd?

Good afternoon!
Please advise me to choose. All in agony for a week.
I want to take the younger model Macbook Pro 13. C 1.4
The budget is limited.
Therefore, I do not know which of the evils to choose less.

  • Ram 8gb or 16gb. The increase in memory is almost 3 times. Since Catalina eats 4-5gb. And accordingly, 3-4gb or 11-12gb remains free;
  • SSD 128gb vs 256gb. A small amount of memory does not scare me. I use paid clouds with selective synchronization. But here's an ambush, according to foreign reviews and forums, I found out that 128 is a budget ssd and it is 40% slower than 256gb !!!. How critical this is, I can’t judge yet;

Immediately 16 RAM and 256 can not. There it is easier to take 15-ku from 16 and 256. The difference in price is no longer great.
I want to take it for 1-2 years, and then change it to 16 with a new keyboard.
Who to choose and why?

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lamer350, 2019-12-01

In your case, I would take it in general in stock and not soared. Especially if you take a year or two. Mac runs great without lags with any amount of RAM.
If 128gb doesn't scare you, then don't worry about speed at all. You will not visually notice the difference between a sata SSD and M2 (meaning the operation of the system), and 128 works there like a top sata in terms of speed. For example, I generally have 2000 Mbps speed on iMac and 13 "Pro-frame 2015 with the same 500 Mbps speed as on MBP 13 2019 and there is no difference in system operation, with a timer, if you sit down, then applications on iMac will open faster but no discomfort.

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