Nikolai2013-11-08 10:08:10
Nikolai, 2013-11-08 10:08:10

Anonymous Santa Claus Club

Good people, but will there be an Anonymous Santa Claus Club this year? Or, given that the parcels were sent by no more than 50% of those who registered, did they decide not to carry out any more?

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Andrey Privalov, 2013-11-08

1. The promotion will start very soon. Subscribe to habraadm so you don't miss it.
2. Last year's delinquents will be admitted. But already in the next action - not a fact. Read in the topic-announcement, which will be soon.
3. Happy New Year!

proDOOMman, 2013-11-08

Interestingly, the Santa Clauses who were guilty last year will be allowed to participate in a new action?

Evgeny Elizarov, 2013-11-08

I don’t have gifts for this year anymore, I need to save up again :)

rakeev, 2013-11-08

Registration will open in about 4 days. 11 h 46 min. =)

alex_4e, 2013-11-14

doesn’t let me into the club (((writes that I’m read-only, I have absolutely no options to get there?

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