ilysion_in_life2018-05-17 10:40:18
ilysion_in_life, 2018-05-17 10:40:18

Anonymizer, how to work with links in js files?

Hello, I wrote my small anonymizer, everything works, but there are nuances, such as links in js scripts, it’s clear that encrypting source links is not a problem if they are on an html page, but I was interested in how you can also replace links in files scripts? For example, if the script contains such a link $.ajax({
url: '/somethigURL',
How then to proceed? After all, for any link will start from the domain where your script is hosted, you can write your own script that will process scripts (js) on the fly using their links? Maybe someone figured out how to implement this, share? PS I noticed such a problem in all anonymizers.

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