deleted-mezhevikin2013-10-31 16:01:03
deleted-mezhevikin, 2013-10-31 16:01:03

Animation when pushViewController in UINavigationController on ios7?

In ios7, the animation with pushViewController has changed, and I really don’t like how it looks now (darkening + slowing down at the end of the animation).
I would like to do as it looked in ios6.
Found two solutions:
1. stackoverflow.com/questions/18867248/restore-pre-i...
Doesn't work when pushing back.
2. github.com/nicklockwood/OSNavigationController - completely replaces UINavigationController, the animation becomes exactly the same as in ios6, but some functions of the native UINavigationController fall off, for example, hidesBottomBarWhenPushed does not work + bugs are observed with navigationBar.
Has anyone come across a fully working solution to this problem?
And do you like the new animation?

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smanioso, 2013-11-14

Another possible solution is custom animation: https://github.com/Dzamir/OldStyleNavigationControllerAnimatedTransition

I did not notice any errors in simple projects.

Alexey Storozhev, 2013-10-31

I have not tried it, but you can definitely make a custom UIStoryboardSegue, rewrite perform there, get the current controller view, the destination controller view in it, and make the animation.
segue back can also be stretched, for this there is a green Exit icon on the controllers in the storyboard.
I hope this is the right direction.

Egor Merkushev, 2013-11-01

May help

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