amazinginternetsites2014-05-16 18:13:02
amazinginternetsites, 2014-05-16 18:13:02

Animation when downloading a file to a computer?

Not to be confused with download. On some foreign sites I saw such a feature. When you click on the link and the download of the file starts on the page, for example, some arrow with a notification that the download has begun blinks. Has anyone come across such solutions?

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Dmitry, 2014-05-16

When you click on the file download, it is required that the animation appear on the arrow, did I understand correctly?
We enter into the script, and replace a.download with our own arrow.

$("a.download").click(function () {
        $("a.download").addClass("animated ИмяАнимации");

amazinginternetsites, 2014-05-17

Found! similar. www.ilivid.com here when you click on download an arrow appears

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