senefu2017-07-09 16:27:28
senefu, 2017-07-09 16:27:28

Animation overkill? How to do everything in style and stay on time?

I'm struggling with the animation of the cards (penultimate block).
My eyes blurred ...
Isn't it too much with animation? anxious-sponge.surge.sh
An easier option is lopsided-hand.surge.sh
How would you do it? Advise how to qualitatively animate the card. I went through hundreds of examples, nothing works ... I'm not a designer, I do everything in the browser.

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Ivan Bogachev, 2017-07-09

The first option is quite good. The maximum that you can still try to add is a slight blur (literally 1px) for the text, which turns gray and fades into the background. If I were you, I would complete the ability to adequately navigate the page using tab (otherwise the focus flies somewhere all the time) and think about what to do with this beauty on touch devices (the "read more" button under the hover is a bad idea from the point of view usability).

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