DaBudet2014-01-06 22:45:03
DaBudet, 2014-01-06 22:45:03

Animation of a drawing from electroluminescent paints under the influence of an electric field

Hello! A post was published on Habré in 2011 .
The eCoupled company has developed a technology in which the pattern applied to the product packaging begins to glow under the influence of an electric field.
Does anyone have any idea how this technology works?
From everything presented, I understood that a transmitter was built into the shelves, and electroluminescent paint was applied to the packaging. But how is the animation done?
If we take into account the EL-panels (Anilights), then the inverter connected to the power source is responsible for the animation.
If anyone knows or has any thoughts, please share the details. It's very interesting how it works.
Thanks in advance!

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frees2, 2014-01-06

High-quality inorganic phosphors (electrophos) are produced, as well as organic ones, their service life is short, including in Russia, the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200bpaint is quite old.
You can make paints yourself and are much better, if you wish, the main thing is to choose the ingredients so that they are transparent, do not let moisture and even oxygen through. A frequency transmitter can be assembled in five minutes.
So after perestroika, I produced scrambled eggs and stars glowing in the dark.

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