Serpent242021-02-07 10:26:17
Serpent24, 2021-02-07 10:26:17

Animation management?

Good afternoon! Please tell me how to implement the following - the game turns on, the level is loaded, each level is a separate prefab, 1 scene is used, when passing one level, another is loaded, and the old one is deleted, there is an object (prefab) on the level, when the player collides with the object (prefab ), the animation must be enabled for the object (Animator). So, how can I turn on the animation on the object at the right time from the script that is on the player?
If the object was on the same stage with the player, then this would not be a problem... And since it is not on the stage, I don’t understand how to control it. Please help me in this matter. Thank you in advance for your help!

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HemulGM, 2021-02-07

D - documentation. (Initial Animation Documentation)

Nikita Mamchenko, 2021-02-09

You can't play the animation of an object that doesn't actually exist.

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