Andrew2018-11-12 21:17:36
Andrew, 2018-11-12 21:17:36

Animation in vue.js when navigating through routes?

I want to make an animation when switching from routes to view. To what extent is this possible and how best to implement it?
At the layout stage, I implemented this as a grid several screens wide, changing screens with js and the property transform: translateX (-100vw). The problem is that all content is one page, one route. That is, the user, having reached a certain position with such navigation, will not be able to provide a link to this path. Well, with search engines, of course, Trouble. How can I set the animation in the style of a full screen slider when changing routes in vue with dynamic content loading?

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nvdfxx, 2018-11-13

No way, with such an implementation, a grid several screens wide is a lot of course. But still, it’s better to have your own route for each screen and animate the router-view, or I misunderstood something from your question

Philip Gaponenko, 2018-11-13

Is transition animation what you're looking for?

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