Oleg_xex2017-10-15 17:25:59
Oleg_xex, 2017-10-15 17:25:59

Animation in css?

It is necessary to make an animation when scrolling the page. It is necessary that the skills are recruited up to 95%.
Here is the layout:
How to do it in pure css?

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Ivan Bogachev, 2017-10-15

How to do it in pure css?

Sergey says that CSS can't track scroll and it's true. His solution to the problem is generally accepted and I would also use it. But if you want to prove that your CSS skill is 95%, you will have to shaman. The idea is the following: if you take a large block with a crooked gradient and carefully cover it with layers that will not scroll (position: sticky will be very useful), leaving a small visible strip, you can get an interesting effect of the content of the strip depending on this very scroll - codepen (be careful, only tested in latest versions of chrome and ff). It is clear that the idea is crude, but if it is finalized, then it will be possible to file something similar to your picture.

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