Andrey Dontsov2015-09-14 17:25:48
Andrey Dontsov, 2015-09-14 17:25:48

Animation html + js. How to embed this code on your site?

Good afternoon
I made a simple animation (html + js) in adobe flash, an example on codepen - codepen.io/Andrey-m/pen/MaKbYd
How to add it to your site?
Obviously include the same scripts and the same html markup
The problem is that onload="init();" set in the body tag.
1 - I'm trying to put it in a separate div - it doesn't work
2 - I'm trying to add onload="init();" in the body tag on your site - does not work
Tell me what is the reason, how to add this block to your site.

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Denis Ineshin, 2015-09-14

And what about the flash? The output is an animation on Canvas.
You probably forgot to insert the canvas tag on your page and include all these scripts from the head.

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