Gennady2017-04-02 12:35:30
Gennady, 2017-04-02 12:35:30

Animation due to search form?

Good afternoon. There are div. It has a logo and a couple of buttons. But when you add an input to this div, when the site loads, the logo and buttons begin to animate... Animation occurs relative to the initial position, i.e. the logo and buttons "drive up" to the specified position. The input itself remains motionless. All elements are positioned relative to this div. Maybe that's the problem?

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Nikolay, 2017-04-02

Maybe you have translate + transition set for all elements or for this div, it will be enough to find these lines in your css and either remove them altogether or reset the values. If third-party libraries animate.css or wow.js are used, the connection can be to classes through html and access elements through the js file. It would be great if you posted the code

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