tvsjke2017-02-27 13:32:14
tvsjke, 2017-02-27 13:32:14

Animation does not work in Firefox (and not only in it), how to fix it?

There is an svg-diagram for SEOs, it is formed dynamically using js. The problem is that animations and transitions only work in chrome. It seems that vendor prefixes are not needed (it does not work with them either). I can't figure out what the problem is. I would appreciate any help/tips. Thanks
Diagram itself codepen.io/tvsjke/pen/OpVjON

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Dmitry Pyrkin, 2017-02-27

you need to add animation -moz- and -o-

tvsjke, 2017-02-27

I figured out the transition r (radius) in Firefox - it's not supported in svg 1.1
But now there's another question:
why doesn't hover work? (again, only in Firefox)

.big-circle:hover {
//любое свойство

Moreover, if you manually set the hover on the element through the console, then everything works. On mouseover, no.

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