dm2015-07-18 19:32:36
dm, 2015-07-18 19:32:36

Animated text with gradient. How to make it cross-browser and cross-platform?

Is it possible to make animated text with gradient cross browser and cross platform?

Now it is flash, which is why the site loads more slowly and does not work on all devices.

Are there ways? CSS, JS, JQ?

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Andrey, 2015-07-18

Do you need text? If the text is not a 100% copy, but a cross-browser analogue can be done on JQ, but it takes a long time.
You can convert your flash to gif - it's fast, but the size will increase.
You write that it loads slowly, but the logo weighs only 23 kb, the static logo usually weighs the same, I don’t see a problem.
First decide what problem you want to solve and do you even need an animated logo? Such animation is outdated for 5 years already. Put a static logo and there is no problem - fast, cheap, modern!

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