n0thing2014-05-13 16:16:57
n0thing, 2014-05-13 16:16:57

AngularJS. Where to start with no experience with other frameworks?

I started learning Angular by reading the documentation (in the Russian version of the site). Not everything was clear. Having tried the "tutorial" on the same site, where the creation of a kind of application with phones was disassembled step by step and with examples, and the picture cleared up a bit.
I figured out a little with the use of providers, with the creation and use of elementary directives, etc., i.e. basics... But further attempts to master this framework turned out to be very difficult, most of the articles about it were written for people who already have some level of knowledge of Angulara or another similar framework.
Is there any resource / video with lessons or something similar, where in more detail and with examples (not pieces of code taken from where, but where the point under discussion applies)?
Thank you.

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Nikita Gushchin, 2014-06-10

I recently started learning angularjs. Passed the codeschool course for beginners - https://www.codeschool.com/courses/shaping-up-with... . It's free. And then I started developing my project based on angular-seed.

krlljs, 2014-05-13

Video courses :
loftblog.ru - rus
egghead.io - eng

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