Maxim2014-01-25 11:01:45
Maxim, 2014-01-25 11:01:45

Angularjs or Backbonejs for working with php: what to choose?

Good day. I have a problem when choosing a front-end part for a project. What is more convenient and less pitfalls when working with php for rest?

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Sergey, 2014-01-25
Protko @Fesor

what problems can there be with working from php to rest? I can’t imagine at all ... Or maybe I don’t understand the term REST like you do?
angular.js is a full-fledged mvvm framework, it is convenient to write apps on it, there is dependency injection, there is modularity. Code revision through directives and services. If you have a well-designed rest-api, then you can take the ngResource module and there will be a couple of goodies, although I like to use the $http service for more control.
backbone.js is a library that helps structure the project and is essentially a model. That is, you have data binding with the server side, and everything else is up to you to decide how to implement it. For a beginner, it can be more difficult, because there are too many freedoms and it’s not immediately clear how best to do it. But no one is stopping you from using the backbonecoupled with angular.js .
just like @sergiks , I will give statistics: they wrote both on backbone and on angular, yii, symfony2, silex were used as a backend (so far we have settled on this option).

Sergey Sokolov, 2014-01-25

The question seems to be incorrect: since REST is mentioned, what difference does it make on what the front or back is implemented, as long as both satisfy the specification?
For statistics: we are sawing a project on backbone + Laravel (php), the flight is normal.

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