Stepan Kormilin2015-11-09 10:39:04
Stepan Kormilin, 2015-11-09 10:39:04

AngularJS + localstorage in what cases to use?

Such an example: I receive a large (well, or not always) json from the server, process it, scatter the data on the page. Then some user actions take place, after which I again need to request data for processing and displaying changes. Can I use local storage in this case? When should you use it at all, and when should you not?

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Yaroslav Lyzlov, 2015-11-09

When after the end of the session (reloading the page) you need some data not to be lost. If such a task is not worth it, then there is no need to use it. Store data in memory, angular has services for that.

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