Andr Lw12014-06-07 11:29:08
Andr Lw1, 2014-06-07 11:29:08

Angularjs. How to create your own CMS?

At the moment I'm looking for ways to learn frameworks.
It is necessary to create websites from corporate to online store.
Is it possible to implement this in Angularjs?
(noob in frameworks :))
they say that Twitter is built on the JS framework...)

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Sergey, 2014-06-07

Will you ask a question for each framework?
AngularJS in the context of CMS is only suitable for the admin area, as you will run into funny indexing issues.
Twitter was originally built on RubyOnRails, now everything seems to be written in Scala. And sorry, but Twitter is somehow not very comparable with CMS.
I would advise you to limit your thoughts to the task. That is, what includes CMS, divided into functions, etc. And then figure out how to implement it.

Pavel Malyshev, 2014-06-07

Why don't you just use an extensible CMS? If you just plan to create a site to order, then why write your bike?

BATPYIIIKOB, 2015-12-03

A light weight CMS built with Angular.js and Yeoman: https://github.com/jonniespratley/angular-cms

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