Andrew Ghostuhin2014-09-03 06:35:31
Andrew Ghostuhin, 2014-09-03 06:35:31

AngularJS Frontend Solutions?

Good morning comrades.
I decided to finally crawl exclusively to frontend development, but a lot of questions have accumulated.
For example:
My teammates are developing in AngularJS as I asked, I need to develop only the UI part without logic and back-end ties, how can I implement this using AngularJS without interacting with the back-end?
That is, let me explain, I want to work only with layout, animation, navigation, etc. so that I don’t have a headache about the backing, however, when the layout is ready, I need to give it to the backers so that they don’t cut it into the format they need.
Thanks in advance for any kind replies.

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Sergey, 2014-09-03

access to an apishka is encapsulated usually in service/services. If you don't like what backends give away - use DTO, wrap everything in your objects and work as you want. While the apishka is not ready, you can temporarily hardcode some data.
And yes, it’s not clear why you need to give something backend workers at all. SPA is a separate application. If backend developers want to make a deployment, then the source code is more useful for them, you can run tests during assembly (you write them, right?), and stuff like that.
Problems are usually from the lack of interaction between departments within the same project, when you do not know what others are going to do, and others do not know what you are going to do and what you need for this.

bumbay, 2014-09-03

I think it won't work. To create any application on AngulaJS, you need to definitely interact with server developers.

sasha, 2014-09-03

nothing is clear. either you want to standardize the interaction with the server and make it convenient for both you and the backenders, then REST is in your hands, or you don’t know what data to send, but this is absurd. formulate the question more specifically. there is point A, you need to get to point B.

Andrew Ghostuhin, 2014-09-03

OK, let's trying )
The bottom line is this, we are working under RESTFull, I was going to write the front separately from everyone, but the task is to transfer it into the hands of the team with the least loss of time, that is, stupidly html and SASS compiled in css are not satisfied them, although it is not clear why

Mikhail Osher, 2014-09-03

TDD + mocks.

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