Vitaly Stolyarov2016-06-29 01:12:22
Vitaly Stolyarov, 2016-06-29 01:12:22

Angular2 or your solution?

JEE (Spring) is used as a back-end, front-end is designed for devices with mandatory JS support (there is a separate version for the rest), so jsp and the like will only interfere. The calculation is done on RestFul, and therefore AngularJS was chosen for the client side, but soon with the release of Angular2 it became interesting:
+ how long will the first version last?
+ what kind of miracle is Angular2? well, it doesn’t look like the first one at all, and where is the client angular ( from here ), where only the mass is connected, it’s not clear what lib, and then they provoke some errors?

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Vitaly Stolyarov, 2016-07-01

I'm trying out Angular Light. So far, only positive impressions of both convenience and speed)

Alex, 2016-06-29

By the tag Angular.JS (it is in your question) you will find 100500 answers to questions
For example:
Should I start learning Angular 2?

Alex, 2016-06-29

If the projects are long-lined, then it’s worth looking in the direction of Angular2, if later it doesn’t break, then take Angular1.
Yes, Angular2 is a bit more difficult to start with. But he has his perks.

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