Alexander Belov2017-01-26 10:22:20
Alexander Belov, 2017-01-26 10:22:20

Angular2: how to parse JSON in background: url?

The task is as follows: there is a list of products generated by *ngFor.
Each product has an {{product.image}}
image. I get this image from a JSON file:

  "title": "Product 1",
  "price": "3000",
  "image": "https://abcdefg/hij/klm.jpeg"
  "title": "Product 2",
  "price": "200",
  "image": "https://bbbbnnnnn/ggghhh/kjk.jpeg"

  <li *ngFor="let product of products">
   <span class="product__image">
    <span class="product__title">
    <span class="product__price">

The problem is that the images are not brought to a single view. In order to more or less correctly display them in the render on the page, the option background-size: cover;for the corresponding block would suit me.
It would be possible to insert an image through a tag imgand write styles for it in CSS, but imgbackground-size: cover;it will not be possible to write for it.
How would it be correct to solve such a problem?

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