Ruslan Khissamov2016-03-16 12:24:56
Ruslan Khissamov, 2016-03-16 12:24:56

Angular2 form validation?

Hello colleagues!
Need your help in setting css validation classes using angular2.
Below is my form and the problems I am getting.

  <form [ngFormModel]="" (ngSubmit)="submit()">
      <fieldset class="form-group" [class.error]="!name.valid && name.derty" [class.success]="name.valid"> // Получаем ошибку форма не работает
        <label class="form-control-label" for="name">Email</label>
          class="form-control" id="name"         
          [class.error]="!name.valid && name.dirty" // Получаем ошибку форма не работает
          [class.success]="name.valid" // Получаем ошибку форма не работает
          [class.error]="!name.valid && name.dirty" // Форма работает класс добавляется
          [class.success]="name.valid" // Форма работает класс добавляется
        <control-messages control="name"></control-messages>

Here such option works from the first angular you work in the second.
Ng-class="email.valid ? 'Has-success': 'has-danger'"
But with the new form it does everything in danger, which is not good, that is, there is no check for dirty or pristine

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Ruslan Khissamov, 2016-03-16

A variant like this
[ngClass]="{'has-error': name.dirty == true && name.valid == false}"
in the first angular worked like this
ng-class="{'has-error': name.dirty && !name.valid}"
maybe there are other solutions I'm waiting for

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