Cach2017-05-17 09:27:30
Cach, 2017-05-17 09:27:30

Angular2. Architecture. Multiple forms in one component?

Good afternoon. There is one component and one template for it. There are 4 forms in the template. Tell me, please, from the point of view of the "correct architecture", all 4 forms should remain in one component or they need to be separated into separate ones and connected via @input @output. Thanks

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Cach, 2017-05-17

Ivan Stroykin @StivinKing
if they are not connected, then it is better to completely divide them into components along with the logic, where there will be the form itself, form processing and a request to back with information. And in the necessary component it is simple to connect. Thus, in addition to easy reading of the code, everything is on the so-called "shelves" and at any time you can transfer the form from one section to another by moving the selector

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