Kot Matpockuh2017-10-11 10:36:38
Kot Matpockuh, 2017-10-11 10:36:38

Angular: what interview questions are relevant?

Hello. It's 2018 right around the corner. I would like to understand my strengths and weaknesses.
What is generally asked now is tricky and not very good with social security, especially to the angular framework (everything is clear with versions 1.X, but 2+?).
There is not so much information on Google, but I would still like to evaluate myself from the outside ...

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Alexander Dee, 2017-10-11

What happens if you enter 010 in the console?
What happens if the console has 0.1+0.2 ?
Off topic, but this is what they're asking now.

rinatoptimus, 2017-10-11

They may ask "How to create something through the cli?", well, that is, they will check if you know how to work with the Angular cli.
How to pass data from one component to another?
What is needed to implement routing?

ozknemoy, 2017-10-13

many do not understand anything in angular and ask js theory. the most popular is oops. love the pitfalls and features. there were even clowns who submitted a test for 5 minutes using someArr.reduce. asked about oops

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