nightY772018-12-27 19:51:07
nightY77, 2018-12-27 19:51:07

Angular PrimeNG multiselect: how to programmatically select only part of the options from a list?

I have a PrimeNG multiselect, I get the options data for it from the server during initialization, the problem is that all list items are automatically selected, and I only need to select some items with certain IDs. I found a post on the Internet that you can add list items that should be selected using [(ngModel)] pushing them to the appropriate array, but my implementation does not work:

<p-multiSelect [options]="locations" [(ngModel)]="selectedItems"                                 
                                 defaultLabel="Select office"

All items in the list are selected anyway. The doc has a couple more words about the SelectItem API with similar examples, but I don’t understand how to make it work. Who knows tell me please!

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