Nilfgardskiy2020-10-16 15:49:21
Nilfgardskiy, 2020-10-16 15:49:21

Angular or React?

Hello everyone, I'm going to develop a project and I can't decide which technology to use in the front - Angular or React?

The project is not super complicated - registration, directory, filter, chat (I think this is the most difficult thing in the project).

What is the best technology to take for such a set? What are the advantages / disadvantages, pros / cons of these technologies?

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Rag'n' Code Man, 2020-10-16

React, although it is called a framework, in fact it is not. React applications can be written in any way:
You can use typescript instead of js, or pure js.
You may or may not include prop-types.
You are free to write the way you want.
Angular, on the other hand, is a huge framework!
It forces you to use only typescript.
Much that needs to be downloaded in react comes out of the box in Angular.
You will code the way google wants.
All daddies in your project will be as they want in google. You will follow certain coding patterns.

approximate solution, 2020-10-16

If you have not used JS frameworks before, then Vue\React. Angular will be heavier. The simplest would be Vue

GF, 2020-10-16


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