Ruslan Shashkov2015-08-16 03:26:15
Ruslan Shashkov, 2015-08-16 03:26:15

Angular-Meteor router error, what to do?

I installed the Angular-Meteor project, made a couple of routes through ui-router, everything works fine, only the meteor inscription "Oops, looks like there's no route on the client or the server for url" is displayed at the bottom of any page. And most importantly, this is very similar to the Iron router error, but its package is not even installed. Has anyone come across?

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Dmitry, 2019-02-11

you have debug output in the file, then it swears that it cannot put headers, since the train has left

Dmitry Kuznetsov, 2019-02-11

1. Check folders and files for permissions.
2. Find the file that gives the error and check it. (It seems that this is the reason)
3. Check if all the files have been uploaded.

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