Andrey Shiryaev2015-09-21 14:52:35
Andrey Shiryaev, 2015-09-21 14:52:35

Angular js (ui-router) question?


.state('ap.a', {
            url: '/a',
            controller: IndexCtrl,
            controllerAs: 'PageCtrl',
            templateProvider: RouteHelpers.templateProviderFactory('ap.a'),
        .state('ap.a.create', {
            url: '/creatb',
            controller: CreateCtrl,
            controllerAs: 'PageCtrl',
            templateProvider: RouteHelpers.templateProviderFactory('ap.a.create'),

The first state contains a table with data (list). the second respectively creates an element. When switching to ap.a.create, the parent state also loads data that is not really needed. How, without making ap.a abstract, disable its operation when moving to a child state ?
PS Add another state? ala: ap.a.index is also not desirable.

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