Vlad Timofeev2014-11-25 22:01:19
Vlad Timofeev, 2014-11-25 22:01:19

Angular.js or socket.io + express.js. Is there a difference?

Good day..
In general.. Maybe I misunderstood something, but how is Angular different from socket.io? Isn't it better to use sockets and NoSQL instead of angular?
In my opinion, it is much better not to clutter up the markup with things for which it was not originally intended ..
Explain if I think correctly? :D sounds funny ..
What is it about Angular that it is required everywhere where possible?
I will be glad for your answer.

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Sergey, 2014-11-25
Protko @Fesor

how is Angular different from socket.io?

Yes to everyone. AngularJS is a framework, the basic framework for your application, directives, DI, etc. socket.io is a library for implementing interaction with websockets.
That is, AngularJS + socker.io + express.js would be correct. Angular for the frontend is a little bit. express.js for backend (rest), socket-io - websocket server. You can use sockets as a transport for data if you often interact with the server, you can only use push messages...

Elizaveta Borisova, 2014-11-26

Angular is a thick client, see the difference with a thin one. Generating everything on the server can be expensive.
Yes, Angular allows you to create interactive html tags - something that markup was not designed for. They are trying to correct the imperfection of this design.

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