Boniface2014-03-30 13:09:07
Boniface, 2014-03-30 13:09:07

Angular.js how to pass data from one controller to another?

Hello! Friends, tell me how you transfer data from one controller to another? I know two ways to do this.
First way: Make a service that will contain common objects and read/write methods for these objects. For example:

angular.module('myModule').service('myService', function(){
    var myData = [];

    this.add = function(person){

    this.get = function(){
        return myData;

    this.clear = function(){
        myData.length = 0;

The second way is to subscribe to a specific event in the controller that needs to receive data, and raise this event in the source controller. Example:
$scope.$on('myEvent', function(event,args){

      $rootScrope.$broadcast('myEvent', myData);

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Ruslan Lopatin, 2014-03-30

By default, objects from the parent scope are available in the child scope. So you don't even need to share data: the nested controller simply sees the data of all higher controllers.
In those rare cases when you need to exchange data with controllers outside the hierarchy, a service is written. But this service contains meaningful methods, not "put data" or "pull data" methods.
As an example: a service for displaying notifications on the screen. Contains methods for displaying notifications that interact with the controller that displays these very notifications (in the form of pop-up windows in the upper right corner of the screen, for example). Clients of this service, of course, do not know anything about the notification controller. They just don't need it.

Alexander Khirenko, 2014-03-30

Personally, I use $rootScope.
I don't understand why there are such complications with events?

Vladimir Dementiev, 2016-02-02

I just started learning Angularjs and did a little test.
Having an application and several templates. I have several pages.
Created a service, a factory and a rootscope. I drove them to default values.
Further, he performed actions in which the corresponding value was transferred to all three objects (with output to div).
Then I switched to another template and returned back.
The factory and service values ​​retained their values, but the rootscope lost its value.

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