Pavel2016-03-16 09:44:13
Pavel, 2016-03-16 09:44:13

Angular JS: How to describe a callback directive to be used on a single element?

The essence of the question is how to make a directive, like ng-click or ng-change, but without using an isolated scope.
Let's say there are 2 directives: onEvent1 onEvent2, these 2 events are associated with the element and callbacks are passed to them: ....
The easiest way to call these callbacks is to describe the directives using scope { handler: '&onEvent1' }:

.directive('onEvent1', function () {
    return {
        restrict: 'A',
        scope: { handler: '&onEvent1' },
        link: function (scope, e, a) {
              e.bind('нужное событие', function () { scope.handler(); });

but in this case, Angular swears very rudely.
As an option - do not create an isolated scope, but then the problem arises: how and with what to get the necessary callable-object from "clbk (attrs)" in the nuller, when called, the desired function will work with the parameters passed to it ?.

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lega, 2016-03-16

You can take an attribute from attrs and compile it, something like:

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