Andrew2016-04-16 16:23:08
Andrew, 2016-04-16 16:23:08

Angular, is it possible to filter by radiobutton?

There is some model like

Items: [{Name:"First",  Categories:[1,2]},
{Name:"Second", Categories:[1]},
{Name:"Cats", Categories:[2,3]},
{Name:"Dogs", Categories:[3]}//итд

Categories:[{Id:1, Name:"SomeItems"},
{Id:2, Name: "SomeItems2"},
{Id:3, Name: "Anything"//итд

Items is displayed as a list, Categories as radio buttons.
Is it possible to make the built-in filters so that when you click on the radio button, only those items that have the corresponding id in the Categories array are displayed? Or do I need to write a custom filter?
I would be grateful for the right direction, how to determine the selected radiobutton and filter the display results

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Maxim Yakupov, 2016-04-16

It seems that it is possible to propagate radio buttons using *ngFor="#btn of buttons", by hanging on the button selection event a call to the rButtonSelected(#btn.Categories)component method that will change the array field of the component showingCategories. And the category display block will use the same *ngFor="#c of showingCategories"to display the current displayed categories.

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