beduin012016-08-03 15:16:34
beduin01, 2016-08-03 15:16:34

Angular: how to start rendering when a variable changes?

Although I write on Vue, few people here seem to know it. Therefore, I will ask how to do it on Angular. Essence.
You need to draw the list, but not immediately, but only when the value of the `rasters_previews_list` variable has changed (it has received data in itself)

<ul v-for="img in rasters_previews_list">

Now I have nothing displayed. at the time of application start rasters_previews_list is empty. How can I make the processing so that the loop is activated when data appears in it?

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napa3um, 2016-08-03

But Vue doesn't have dirty checking and therefore doesn't require $apply, so maybe this link will help:
https://github .com/vuejs/vue/issues/483

Mikhail Osher, 2016-08-03


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