Alexey Aristov2016-09-20 18:56:15
Alexey Aristov, 2016-09-20 18:56:15

Angular: How to dynamically create an htmlelement bound to a js object?

There is a set of lists of the form:


A new li element can be added to any of the ul lists.
There is a js directory with data of the form:
product.byId = {23: {name: 'product1'}, 45: {name: 'product2'} }.

I want to add li using angular so that it is tied to one of the product.byId. Is it possible?

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Alexey Aristov, 2016-09-21

here is what I wanted to do:

var el = angular.element(ulHtmlEl);
    $scope.$apply(function() {
      var scope = $scope.$new();    // создаём дочерний scope
      scope.prod = $scope.product.byId[productData.id];

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